Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Academics kick in...and whats going on in Amsterdam

I can't believe our first term already draws to an end. I know it has only been 8 weeks, but I feel like Oxford has been my hometown for a long time now. It always amazes me how quickly people can adjust to new circumstances. Living in Amsterdam (lived there for the past 4 years) seems ages ago. I'm kinda curious how 'De Prins' is doing. De Prins you say?? Yes it's a boat I own togheter with Frits, who is a friend I used to live with in Amsterdam.
We spend last spring repainting the whole damn thing, putting new layers of tar on the hull to protect it from the very corrosive Grachten water.

It wasn't a very pleasant thing to do, although we always have good fun when we excercise our engineering skills (well, Frits is not an engineer, but he could have been...). The thing is, we always prepare very well, and you know, whenever you even think about doing DIY stuff, preparation is KEY! We can spend days in store's like Gamma and Praxis (large DIY stores), just to be sure we got that very special type of equipment exactly fit for the job! I can tell you, a lot of thought and discussion enters the equation there.
Anyways, I won't bother you any more with this stuff, here some pictures of De Prins + guests:

Build up to the Prinsengracht concert, this is one of Amsterdam's best events of the year. It's a classical concert on a floating stage on the Prinsengracht canal. Everybody with a respectable boat turns up in the morning. Then you wait approx 100 m away from the stage until you're allowed to drive your boat up to the stage and tie your boat to it. The thing is that everybody wants to be in front (yes, Dutch are no different from any other country in that respect), so all the boats you see in this picture want to pass underneath the bridge you see in the back. It can easily be referred to as the 'battle of the boats' that has casualties and winners every year. This year, we definitely won, we'll see about next year.

Grand finale!!

I guess what all this means is that I miss Amsterdam a bit at the moment. But no time for that of course, exams are in less than two weeks now. Can't wait to wear my sub-fusc three days in a row!!!


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