Monday, November 07, 2005

Friend visiting Oxford

Had Pieter over in Oxford this weekend. Pieter (whom I know from my time with Accenture) works for ReedElsevier, and they have an office here in Oxford. After a week of strategy meetings, he was ready for some serious MBA-style drinking. On Friday's this always kicks-off at the Said Common Room. (a Common Room (CR) is Oxford slang for an area of relaxation, even reflection maybe. All Colleges have CR's, Junior Common Room (JCR) for undergrads and Middle Common Room (MCR) for the cool grads!).
Friday is happy 2 hours with cocktails for only 1 pound each!

Had dinner afterwards in a Jericho pub and then hit the Worcester bop. We ended up in Escape, an Oxford club that is pretty popular around here,

Next morning we had an excellent breakfast in the Covered market. The Covered market is a market that is covered....(aha) with lots of nice lunchrooms and small stalls that sell almost anything. Stomaches filled, we headed towards the Ashmolean museum.

First museum visit since Oxford arrival and I now have decided to at least visit one each month. I already know my next destination: museum of Natural History. They have the 'shrunken head' so I've been told. (no clue what this means, take a look:

Quick visit to Christ Church after that and then time to get back to the Netherlands, and for me back to the books!!


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