Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Exam results

After all that has happened (Guatemala, start of Hilary term with enough workload to keep the average Dutch employee in the public sector busy until retirement (pardon my generalisation there..)) you would almost forget about a certain set of exams taken in the beginning of december.
However, a week ago around 4pm the back row of one of our lecture theaters became so noisy that our Finance II professor (the only other Dutch guy I've met so far in the business school) openly asked a question whether it was his teaching or something else that kept them so preoccupied. Fortunately for him it was not his teaching skills, but the list of exam results posted near our pigeonholes (postbox for non-Oxonians). The pigeonholes are most easily accessible from the back row of the lecture theaters, hence their disturbance. As I was sitting in front, as I usually do (old habit from Delft), I was completely oblivious of the importance of events that just happened.
Anyways, you probably think I'm writing this big intro as to make you forget about the actual subject so I won't have to give the results. Well, without going into too much detail which you probably want to avoid as a formerly-living-in-asia-wild-bird-with-a-runny-nose, I can tell you that I passed them all with two distinctions for Decision Science and Financial Reporting. This means that I should perhaps aim for a career in statistical research into Accounting exciting!!
Ok, that it, of to the gym now...

(written @ the sbs library)


Anonymous Richard Sterneberg said...

Love the blog...will forward to everybody...I'm sure (my) dad will be thrilled to see his picture online, R

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